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Listed below are all my recorded listings on NiteFlirt, as well as my picture sets.  You have been asking for them, now here they are.  Very easy to purchase.. so what are you waiting on? Go ahead, buy them so you can worship your Queen.

Financial Domination Line:  Super Sized BBW wants your money & dignity!
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Roleplaying Line: SSBBW Giantess Wants to Fatten You Up & Eat You!!
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Feminization Line: SSBBW wants a Sissy to call her own!
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Fat Fetish Line: Tell me all your fat fantasies and fetishes!
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BBW Line: SSBBW who is hungry & horny!! ***BIG BELLY***
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Mistresses Line: Pay to worship my big belly, loser!!
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Fem Domme Line: SSBBW Who wants to SMOTHER & TRAMPLE you!
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Brainwashing Recording .. Go ahead, start your training.Call CurvyBrat for phone sex on

Business or Pleasure - Photo Set $5.99  Buy from CurvyBrat through

12 pics total. Someone was spying on me at work & caught me having phone sex with a pervert like you! See the pictures they snapped through my cubicle wall.




Train Station Tease - Photo Set $5.99 Buy from CurvyBrat through

14 pics total. Was downtown and there was a train going past, so I couldn’t resist to do some public teasing pictures. There were people all around me, but I love my body & love to show it off. Here’s some vanilla pictures that show my tight clothes around my big juicy body, some teasing bra shots, and also.. and i know this will make your dick hard.. some nice panty shots!



Dressed to Make You Drool - Photo Set $3.99  Buy from CurvyBrat through

You know you love big sexy girls like myself. In these 22 pics, you will see my form fitting clothes & how they hug my rolls. And some belly peek-a-boos. You will so enjoy these pictures, so go ahead and buy them.. sit back and jerk that dick!




Staircase Seduction - Photo Set $1.99 Buy from CurvyBrat through

5 pics. Panty shots.. and see how fat I am while I am sitting on the stairs.. it was so hot in there.. you might even see me sweating. You know how us big girls get.. all hot and bothered!




Big Belly - Photo Set $4.99  Buy from CurvyBrat through

You know that you crave to worship my big beautiful belly and all it’s jiggle. Feast your eyes on these HOT 8 pics. They will make your dick hard as you stare at all my rolls. There are even some giantess & foot worship shots. A little bit of everything for my sweet little perverts!





SSBBW Giantess wants to eat you alive!! **This is a CUSTOM VORE clip, but feel free to buy this clip and enjoy!**
Niteflirt Giantess Vore









SSBBW stuffed herself too full and her pants got super tight.. now her belly hurts.  Will you rub it? – $3.99

SSBBW Belly Hurt - RUB IT!!








SSBBW Giantess teases tiny little man into being her foot bitch! – $5.99 









SSBBW who is NAKED and jiggling and wiggling on her bed for you! There are some close up of FEET in this clip. – 5.99 

SSBBW Naked Jiggle GIF









SSBBW Stuffing – Ignoring you while she eats and watches TV. – 3.99

SSBBW Stuffing









SSBBW plays with BBW roommate’s flabby belly!! – $2.99

Niteflirt Belly Play with Roommate









SSBBW teases with multiple liptsticks and even lip gloss! – $3.99

Niteflirt - Liptstick fetish









SSBBW plays with her big jiggly belly! – $2.99

Niteflirt - Big belly - Curvy Brat









Big Belly Laying down – SSBBW Belly Jiggle – $2.99

Niteflirt - Big Belly - BBW - Belly Play