SSBBW wants to smother and crush you!

Smother & crush .. Will you beg for mercy?

There are so many fat fantasies and fetishes I have.. Lately, I’ve been more interested in crushing, trampling, and smothering.  When I think about over powering your small body, it excites me!  I want to feel you ache and wince under me.  When I took these pictures I was just having fun, but now looking at them.. I imagine you between my big belly and the wall.  You being crushed like a sheet of paper.  Look at the pictures, just let yourself get lost in the fantasy.  Feel how heavy I am, how strong I am, and how you are nothing but something for me to flatten!

SSBBW BBW Belly - Crush - Smother


SSBBW BBW Belly - Crush - Smother 2


  1. marcusmarcus07-20-2013

    Yes I would just so much for you to make me paper Marcus

  2. marcusmarcus07-20-2013

    Please tell us about your other fetishes, I have one for you to try.Marcus

    • Queen DeeQueen Dee07-22-2013

      what is the one you want me to try?

  3. marcusmarcus07-22-2013

    Hello again it has to do with deep wet sands like at the beach by the water. Marcus

  4. ChrisChris07-25-2013

    Yes! :) I’d love to be crushed under that big belly of yours :) I’d go absolutely crazy if you sat on my face and crushed me with your butt as well, making me fight for air :$ Lol I think u just might be my latest Internet crush haha :p

    • Queen DeeQueen Dee07-25-2013

      Aww, Chris!! Thanks!! :) I would love to crush, trample, and smother you. Love to feel your skinny little body squirming under my massive weight.

  5. MarkMark07-30-2013

    i want to fattened then flattened

    • Queen DeeQueen Dee07-30-2013

      oh yes i would LOOOOOOVE to fatten you up then flatten you out like a pancake!

  6. MarkMark07-30-2013

    oh thank you that would feel so good i could be your fat slave

  7. MarkMark08-01-2013

    why not fatten me up shrink me and then flatten me out as a giantess

    • Queen DeeQueen Dee08-01-2013

      oh i will. :)

  8. MarkMark08-01-2013

    haha :) thank you my fat goddess <3 <3

  9. LloydLloyd08-08-2013

    Hello my Queen, you are sexy gorgeous sweetheart, i would love to have you, stepping and standing and bouncing all your weight, right on my stomach , trying to get me to say i give, but if i do not give, think you can jump up and down full weight on my stomach ? Think i can take it, i say, the heavier, the better, on my stomach, i would even dare you to step on me, i can takke any womens weight on my stomach my Queen, heavier, the better, step on me.

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